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How it works

You want to buy a car from a private individual and benefit from the advantages of leasing? Easy Leasing will act as an intermediary between you.


Request for quotation

You fill in our online form with information about the vehicle and the desired leasing terms

Easy Leasing

Financing offer

We draw up a quotation that best suits your needs.


Contact information and documents

If you are satisfied with the offer, you will have to enter your personal and credit information.

Easy Leasing

Creation of the contract

We validate all the information and proceed to the creation of the contract.



You receive the contract to sign and return

Why choose us

Easy Leasing offers unique advantages to provide you with the best possible conditions. We also offer additional services and personalized support for each customer

  • Case management

    We take care of all the administrative aspects of the leasing contract.

  • Insurance advice

    We can help you find the right insurance for your needs.

  • Preserve your capital

    Stay mobile without tying up capital. You keep your liquidity for other acquisitions.

  • Transport and registration service

    You do not have enough time? No worries, we can pick up the vehicle and register it for you.

  • Negotiation and advice on the vehicle

    You can count on us to assist you in checking the vehicle and negotiating the price with the seller.

  • Quality assurance

    Various guarantees can be activated with our partners.

  • Partner garages

    With our various partners and our experience in the field, we can have your vehicle appraised at garage rates.

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